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Why are Stories Important? 

How do I get started?

  • Story Arts, a site by teller Heather Forest
  • Storytelling! A set of 9 lesson plans for the teacher who wants help her students to become storytellers. Suggestions for starting a festival. Includes a Bibliography of picture books to use as sources for stories.
  • Storytelling Manual: This full text manual was developed by the Tampa/Hillsbourgh, Florida library system for their annual storytelling Festival. The Manual includes 42 Reasons for Teaching Storytelling and How to Teach Storytelling, and other information which will interest people interested in teaching storytelling or putting on a festival of their own.

Storytelling Organizations 

Reference Books 

  • Tales As Tools: The Power of Story in the Classroom by National Storytelling Association
  • The Storyteller's Start-up Book by Margaret Read McDonald
  • Telling Your Own Stories by Donald Davis
  • The Storyteller's Sourcebook by Margaret Read McDonald
  • The Storyteller's Guide by William Mooney
  • The World of Storytelling by Anne Pellowski