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C-U Storytelling Guild: Hire a Storyteller Guidelines

· Who will be in the audience? If you know how many people are expected to be in the audience, this will be helpful, too. If informed ahead of time, a professional teller will be able to prepare a program appropriate for specific age groups, mixed family groups, large groups or small groups.
· Who else will be performing?
· Who will be the storyteller's contact, both that day and before? What is that person's contact information?
· Who will introduce the teller?

· What kind(s) of stories would you like the performer to tell? Personal? Folktales? Original?
· What is the pay offered for this performance?

· What is the exact time and duration of the performance? If there is more than one performer on the same stage, is there time for set-up planned in between?
· When would you like the teller to arrive?
· Will the teller be paid that evening? If not, when can the teller expect his/her paycheck?
· If the performance is part of a larger event-such as a conference, church dinner or fair-will the teller receive a free ticket to the rest of the event?

· If needed, can you provide the teller with a map to the site?
· Where should the teller park? Is the parking free?
· Where will the performance be held? What is the facility like? Will it be free from distracting noises (e.g., intercoms, vending machines, air conditioners, buzzers)? Will a sound system be needed for everyone to hear the teller properly? If so, will it be supplied? Will audience members be seated on the floor, in chairs, in pews or in bleachers?
· If the teller needs a special place to change clothes, tune an instrument, etc., is there a place for this in the facility?

· Is there a theme to the event that the stories should follow (e.g. love stories for Valentine's Day)?

· Will a contract or letter be sent to the teller confirming the performance?
· Will bottled water be supplied to the teller for the performance?