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What is storytelling?

  • Storytelling is different things to different people.
  • Stories are used to impart history, teach important life values & lessons, explain the world around us or simply for fun.
  • Storytelling is a spoken art form that encourages the audience to participate through their imaginations in creating a story with that teller.
Stories can be personal tales from an individual's life; folktales, fairy tales, myths & legends that have been handed down for generations or original stories unique to that particular teller. A campfire, supper table, stage, business meeting, classroom or anywhere there is a willing audience can be a setting for sharing tales. Storytelling is for everyone. Families, children and adults all enjoy a good story.

Often a storyteller is alone on stage when performing, but he or she may use props such as puppets, pictures or costumes. Musical instruments, dance or song can also accent a performance. Most tales are told from memory and not made up on the spot; but don't be surprised if a teller adlibs as he or she recounts an old favorite. Enter the world of storytelling and let it take you as far as your imagination will allow.
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